YANELEX Ltd is the parent company to a number of divisions with a range of commercial activities, both wholesale and retail. Our activities range from entertainment industry supply, mainly in the United Kingdom and also in Europe, to online product distribution, consultancy services (within varied corporate sectors) to financial recruitment, education and training.

Privately owned and headed up by its Director who boasts close to fifteen years of success in the sales industry, YANELEX Ltd encompasses such a broad yet diverse offering. We recognise the development of industry trends, we target investment in profitable niche business segments and aim to achieve sustainable growth – these are YANELEX Ltd’s strengths, which are merited from solid experience and expertise.

“We recognise, we target and we achieve”

The company’s philosophy and drive is to lay the foundations for maximising shareholders’ interests and corporate value, and focusing on core business that will ensure growth potential and profitability for the future.

Whilst aggressively pursuing a stable and long-term growth strategy, YANELEX Ltd assures that it will maintain and deliver high quality, and exceptional products to both its client’s, business partner’s and customer’s whilst maintain high customer service levels at all times.